Consultancy and Training

We provide consultancy and training to businesses to assist them:

  1. Build a CRM strategy
  2. Identify a suitable CRM solution
  3. Increase revenue through implementation of a CRM solution,
  4. Improve the rate of client satisfaction through implementation of a CRM solution,
  5. Achieve significant savings in operating costs through implementation of a CRM solution,
  6. Identify the business processes which they would like to automate through a CRM solution
  7. Assist with configuration to ensure the business processes are mapped correctly into the CRM solution
  8. Identify areas of integration with their website to capture leads, service/support requests, online payments etc.

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Learn how a CRM system can help you to:

  • Have all your customer information in one central place.
  • Gain valuable insights to close more sales
  • Save time and improve productivity
  • Market more efficiently- generate more leads
  • Track interactions, get automated reminders

“Thank you Vish for the advice and support. Implementing the CRM made an immediate impact on the way we manage our customers” --Jacqui Warnock, Fremantle Chamber of Commerce